”The Remembrance” is a self-study. Why a self-study? Because you really can’t learn anything about yourself from someone else. You will have to experience for yourself what it all means to you.

This is not to indicate that you can’t use a helping hand. However, all the help you will ever need is already with you every day. With the help of this study, an attempt is made to increase your awareness of this and to enable you to make use of your inner Guide.

The self-study consists of a total of 138 pages divided into 2 parts. Part 1 mainly deals with topics that are discussed in ACIM and that are further explained. These topics fall under the category of spirituality and metaphysics. Part 2 focuses more on the psychological and philosophical side, as well as on the metaphysics of this world.

Topics: Spirituality, Metaphysics, Psychology, Mythology and Philosophy

Keywords: Duality, Consciousness, the real Self, the ego, Self-Realization (Who am I?), Victim role, The Body, Conditioning, Perception, Judgement, Suffering, Awakening, the Dream, Time & Space, The Now, Wisdom, Existence, Eternity

I will assist you in your learning process. Questions will certainly come and frustration at times is guaranteed. This is a good sign. However, it is important that you jump into this material yourself, at your own pace.

”Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a
change at all.” (ACIM, W-188.1:4)

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