Welcome to the journey,

you are about to embark on an ancient journey, a journey that will lead you inwards, the journey which was completed and secured a long time ago.

Now is the time to remember who you really are.
The truth will set you free! It’s time for you to wake up!

Your thoughts determine what you think, what you say and ultimately how you behave. The mind and the underlying consciousness is incredibly powerful. What you think about yourself, you will eventually become. No one has the power to think for you, only you have the power to change your thoughts about yourself, about others and about the world you see.

This is a very simple principle. Everything in this world is based on vibration, and thoughts are also a form of vibration. They emit a certain frequency or radiation. What you send out will eventually come back to you.

Spiritual Awakening
”You dwell not here, but in eternity” (ACIM, T-13. VII.17:6)

You have never really lived here, on this earth with very low vibrations of fear, unrest, attack and violence. It is necessary that you start to remember who you really are, so that you can show others who they really are. In this awakening true happiness is found, the abiding eternal unchanging state of joy and peace.

We are in a transitional phase in which it is becoming easier and more attractive for people to raise their consciousness.

Change your inner world, and the outside world will automatically change with it.
This is a fact. Everything you encounter outside of you, reflects what is going on inside of you.

Do not wait with living, Take all power back into your own hands. The E-Book
”The Remembrance” is written about you, for you!

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