The Truth

It seems that everyone in this world has their own truth. Everyone has experienced different things that have given rise to certain opinions, values and beliefs. Often we do not even know where or how these beliefs originated.

The fact is, that these things determine how we think, what we say, and ultimately how we behave. When you are still very unconscious about your own thoughts, this happens on autopilot and you hardly notice it yourself. It seems ‘normal’ because you have always done this, or always looked at it in a certain way.

One Truth

If this were true, there could not be one truth for everything and everyone. However, this truth does exist. And as you start learning, you start to be happy that it is so. The truth about who you are, and who we all are, was lost (read forgotten) to humanity long ago. This is mainly the case in the West and in North America. We as humanity have fallen into a deep sleep from which it is necessary to awaken. We could call it a dream, an illusion.

We as human beings did not create this truth because we did not create ourselves. This truth is hidden deep within you for the time being, and nothing can happen with it, despite everything that seems to be happening in the outside world. Some call it the Soul, others call it the Source or Pure Consciousness. The name we give it, is irrelevant, because it is not understandable in mere words. It merely is. This truth is immutable, eternal, and immortal.

Wake up

This is why it is necessary to remember who you really are, and always will remain for eternity. Your value is beyond any doubt, but this is not the fragile value you have assigned to yourself. It is a much more beautiful, peaceful, restful and happy state of Being than anything you have ever experienced before.

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